Thursday, February 15, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole - Issue 1: Blade

I have an annoying habit of getting distracted and lost down rabbit holes of useless (but interesting!) information, learning about things I will never need to know in daily life.
The internet is a blessing and a curse; endless, instantaneous knowledge that must be consumed.

Rather than keep these journeys to myself, I thought I'd share some.

First up is the movie franchise 'Blade'.

This all started after watching the always funny Honest Trailer for it:

I had forgotten Guillermo del Toro directed the second one, so naturally I had to look it up to confirm. (Yes, it's true).

Which then got me doing a basic search on 'Blade' and seeing if there was any progress on a 'Blade 4' now that Wesley Snipes is out of prison. [Side-tracked on Snipes' tax evasion conviction and prison time...]
Answer: Snipes is up for it if Disney/Marvel want him. (Please, yes!)

Another small digression on Salon tweeting:
"“Black Panther” is the first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center"
(Then backtracking)

And I arrived at this interview with Wesley Snipes talking about 'Black Panther' and black superheroes.
In it he casually mentions:
"Eddie [Murphy] did a black vampire movie, which was interesting."
I had no idea, but it's called 'Vampire in Brooklyn' and on that alone, my interest is highly piqued.
The trailer certainly delivers and now I have to see it:

Any that's where my tangent on 'Blade' stops. I couldn't possibly go on after that. Nothing will top it.

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