Saturday, May 27, 2017

Anatomy of a 'New York Times' Article

The 'New York Times' has seen record (digital) subscriptions, but is it coming at the cost of impartialquality journalism?

Don't get me wrong, the Times has always had some awful features and other outlets aren't much better; but for the supposed "Newspaper of Record", there is a surprising amount of shoddy reporting and lazily constructed articles.

How so? Let's break down a typical Times article:

Part 1: Include "Trump" in the title

Part 2: Start with a vague lead that reiterates the title

Part 3: Include healthy dose of social media (Twitter) posts

Part 3a: Make sure they're from partisan sources

Part 4: A couple sentences of actual content

Part 5: Finish with a joke only staff will laugh at

Part 6: Rinse and repeat

Part 7: Profit

New York Times Co. Reports Rising Digital Profit as Print Advertising Falls

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