Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Octopi Are Terrifying

I know 'octopi' is not a 100% accepted term and 'octopuses' is more common, but octopi sounds so much cooler.

Anyway, the New England Aquarium recently opened a new octopus tank and as cool as they are (and I will definitely go to visit), they are terrifying animals.

Not only can octopi change color at will and squeeze through almost anything, they are incredibly smart and can problem solve to get what they want.

Some examples:

This octopus opening a screw-top jar to eat the crab inside:

This one carrying around a coconut to hide from larger predators:

Another that can run out of the water to catch a crab:

(And other stories of octopi leaving their tanks at aquariums in the middle of the night to steal fish from other tanks).

But scariest, this octopus that EATS SHARKS:

In short, if octopi ever realized their superiority to humans, I, for one, welcome our new 
cephalopod overlords.

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