Monday, March 28, 2016

I liked my OnePlus One, but I love my Galaxy S7

(If you love your OnePlus One, you probably don't have a Galaxy S7).

Taking a break from politics to talk some tech.

It's been a couple weeks now using my Samsung Galaxy S7 and, I have to say, it's awesome.


For comparison, my most recent phone was a OnePlus One and, before that, a Galaxy S4.

For those unfamiliar with it, OnePlus is a Chinese company that is focused on selling quality (mostly latest) hardware for (relatively) low cost.
At full cost, the One was $350 and had specs that closely mirrored the more advanced phones at its release. Compare that to the latest Apple and Samsung flagship phones which retail starting at $600.



1. Camera
As most reviews have agreed, the S7 camera is fantastic.
The iPhone has long had the best smartphone camera, but the low-light capability and other modes puts the S7 ahead.
I haven't had the chance to play with every mode (there are over a dozen), but the ones I have tried have been great. The 3D "Virtual shot" is particularly fun, but not terrible useful (you can't send it to others or view it outside of your phone).

2. Water- and dust-resistant
I don't intend on pouring champagne on my phone, but good to know that it could survive.
It's not 100% waterproof, but rated to IP 68 (5 feet for up to 30 minutes). Again, I don't plan on pushing the limits on this and c|net has some questions about this rating.
Either way, I'll treat it more as a safety/backup feature than take it with me in the pool or snorkeling.

3. Size
Slightly smaller than my OnePlus One, it's definitely more manageable one-handed.
It's only 0.4 inches smaller (5.1" vs 5.5") than the One, and I haven't really noticed any difference.

4. Screen
Just 3 years after the S4 was released and 2 years after the One, the S7's screen is remarkably better.
Combined with the superior camera, looking through photos on it is an enjoyable experience.



1. Price
At almost $700, it's double the price of the new OnePlus 2.
Being a well-designed, advanced piece of technology somewhat justifies the cost, but it's still a big chunk of change.

2. 32 GB internal memory
Having external/SD-card capability mitigates this issue, but it's still a hassle to move apps over rather than installing and not having to worry about maxing out the memory.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and back in the flagship fold.
There are cheaper options out there, but I think you get what you pay for and Samsung makes one of the best.

tl;dr: I liked my OnePlus One, but I love my Galaxy S7.

Thoughts on your own phone?
iPhone vs Galaxy S? Android vs iOS?

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