Monday, January 25, 2016

Quick Hits: January 25, 2016

A few articles/news pieces of interest:

Investor Chill Hits Technology Sector

"As investors and entrepreneurs gathered at the World Economic Forum, many are now wondering if the tech boom is finally cooling off"
More evidence to my previous post of decreasing VC/investment into startups and deflating the startup valuation bubble.

How to Make Extreme Numbers Resonate

"Both colossally large and infinitesimally small numbers can be hard to fathom, because they’re so abstract. Visualization can make data at the extremes easier to grasp. The key to doing it well is finding the right scale and the right approach. Here are three examples of visuals that make huge numbers, tiny numbers, and moving numbers easier to grasp."
Too often, people create images with data that makes the data just as hard to read as the raw numbers or, even worse, misinterprets the data and leads to incorrect analyses. This is a great quick read (with images!) on how to create effective and easily readable visualizations/infographics.

San Francisco’s Biggest Taxi Operator Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

"Yellow Cab Cooperative Inc., San Francisco’s largest taxi company, filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, the latest in string of traditional taxi companies to turn to chapter 11 amid the rapid rise of ride-hailing rivals like Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. 
Pamela Martinez, the co-op’s president, said in court papers that her company faced a host of challenges, including a high number of accidents-related claims and liabilities, a steep decline in ridership and competition from newer app-based ride-sharing services, namely Uber and Lyft, which have also increasingly poached Yellow Cab drivers."
Innovation continues to weaken established companies (despite government enforced monopolies/oligopolies) to the benefit of consumers.

Science Says There Are 4 Types of Introverts: Which One Are You?

"Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing — sure, small talk might not be your favorite activity, but you’re definitely a pro at making your alone time rock. Thanks to Susan Cain’s bestseller Quiet, the whole world learned what many of us already knew: Introverts are awesome. Wellesley Psychology Professor Jonathan Cheek took it a step further when he categorized four types of introverts in his paper, “Four Meanings of Introversion: Social, Thinking, Anxious and Inhibited Introversion.” He said that each type is unique and, like all human differences, each possesses a secret power. Scroll to discover if you might fit into one of these categories."
I always enjoy learning about personality-types (particularly on my own introversion), this goes further to dissect and analyze.

10 Hilarious Signs You Should Not Take That Job (Infographic)

"No, when you interview, you’ll be on the lookout for red flags. You’ll scope out the office for telltale signs of a toxic boss and burnt out employees, and you won’t end up in a job that sucks."
Just a fun infographic (though it's more like a comic than infographic) on job interview warning signs (click for larger):

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