Monday, December 8, 2014

'Interstellar' Review and Thoughts

First things first, I thought 'Interstellar' was a great movie.
Definitely another must-see and not as scientifically-demanding as many people may believe (i.e. you don't need a PhD in physics to understand it).

That said, being a logical, scientifically-minded person, there were a few discrepancies that I had issue with.

Obviously SPOILERS in this section, so continue at your own risk! (After the break)

  1. The whole premise with the bookcase is wrong.
    Assuming you believe Gravity is the secret to influencing events through time, what Matthew McConaughey's character could not have been able to cause books to fall from behind the bookcase. Hitting books is a lateral force, NOT gravity. Gravity was only the force causing the book to fall, after he enacted that force.
    This argument is true for his actions on the watches' second hand. How did that even make sense?
  2. Circular time-travel logic.
    As with most time-travel movies, there is circular logic here. If he was the "ghost" traveling from the future to impact the past and those actions directly impacted the present, who was the "first" ghost that told the present Murph and Cooper what to do?
  3. At the end of the movie, Grandma Murph instructs Cooper to go find Brand (Anne Hathaway). But if Cooper had gone through the black hole and came out decades later, wouldn't Brand have aged as well? She was outside the black hole and in "regular" space, not impacted by relativity.
But what it all comes down to... whatever. It's a great movie and Christopher Nolan can have all the scientific flexibility he wants if he keeps producing movies like this.

Finally, one of the greatest scenes for me was right after they went into sleep just outside of Earth's orbit and the shot cuts to them just in front of Saturn.
The shear size of the planet compared to the spacecraft was intensely moving. It represents just how little of the universe we've explored and how insignificantly small we are in comparison.

Doesn't do the scene justice, but a great reminder.

Your thoughts on the movie?

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