Saturday, November 29, 2014

'Big Hero 6' Review and Thoughts

First, this isn't much of a review. I thought this movie was awesome.
Funny, captivating, exciting; it had it all. Even Disney's must-have depressing storyline.
Since Jon Lasseter's taken creative control, Disney has gotten its groove back and is on a roll with the hits again. (Please bring back more traditional animated films!)

I won't say anymore about how much I enjoyed it (again, not a review), but I definitely recommend seeing it.

One final thought:
(Spoiler! - only if you haven't seen the trailer).

The scene from the trailer is below, but apparently "low battery" results in Baymax exhibiting the same behavior as a drunk person.

I thought this scene was great on its own, but in my own special brand of humor, I thought it was especially funny in a kids' movie that could result in some awkwardly hilarious situations.

"Mommy, I liked the part where Baymax comes home and acts like daddy!"

"Daddy, you just need to recharge your batteries! Hold these two wires while I plug them into the outlet..."

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